1. Internal communication:

1.1. Online:

Commute policies, changes in functions, process, regulations, etc., on internal apps, website to employees.

Administrate internal communication channels (Facebook, company’s websites and other related websites)

1.2. Offline:

Enhance Company Culture by building up internal events and activities to keep good connections between employees and bring up spirit for employees.

Come up with ideas designing POSM and writing content, memos, direction

Prepare internal communication plans, projects for the company.

Ensure communication plan is consistent and reflects the organization’s vision.

Measure and evaluate the effects of communication plans and estimate the expenditure as well.

Execute steps within a certain time frame.

Ensure employees are engaged in company initiatives.

Coordinate with other departments to implement internal events and activities

Edit and revise content to disseminate information to all levels

Report and project for next years’ plan.

Other tasks as assigned by Line Manager.

2. External communication:

Work with communities and organizations to gain the company’s reputation


Bachelor’s degree in Marketing/ PR or Human Resource or other related major.

At-least-1-year experience in Internal Communication/ Employer Branding/Marketing/PR..

Good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.

Excel at writing content attracting people.

Excellent organizing and time management skills.

Proficiency use of Microsoft Office, Internet and email.

Able to connect, encourage employees and be proactive in operation.

Proficiency use of Microsoft Office, Internet and email.

Passion in creativity, events, social media.


Attractive salary.

Annual bonus as company's performance.

Experience directly from Managers, CEOs.

Friendly and out-going colleagues.

Social Insurance, Health insurance, Unemployment insurance.

Company trip, Team-building, Year-End Party.

Other policies prescribed by law.



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