We are looking for a Community Management Specialist who is proactive, passionate, and CREATIVE to join the CX Team. You will be responsible for creating top-quality impact with strategies and execution to foster a strong customer community.


1. Developing a solid understanding of both company and industry's products, competitors, industry, and marketing goals and objectives. 

2. Understanding analytics data and using them to create compelling communication strategies.

3. Community building and management: 

  • Definding and developing a community management strategy

  • Organizing various community-building initiatives to cultivate and grow participation in social media communities 

  • Monitoring and optimizing community engagement levels

  • Plan and manage seeding, including content and seeding team. 

  • Set, plan, and implement social media and communication campaigns and strategies. 

  • Devise and implement community communication initiatives.

  • Liaise with other departments to stay updated on new marketing initiatives, product and service developments, and to ensure brand consistency. 


4. Other tasks assigned by the company. 



  • Proven work experience, at least 3 years, as a Community Management Specialist or similar roles. 

  • Proven work experience in managing the Social Media community

  • Portfolio of published campaign

  • Proven work experience in creating content for the Social Media community

  • Portfolio of published articles

  • Experience in fact-checking long-form content pieces 

  • Preference will be given to candidates with experience working in communication agencies


  • A high level of CREATIVITY, superior attention to detail

  • High productivity. 

  • Excellent research, organizational, time management, and prioritization skills. 

  • Strong listening and communication skills.

  • The capacity to work independently and collaboratively.

  • Ability to work efficiently without compromising quality or accuracy.

  • Strong project management skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines.  


  • Inbound marketing mindset

  • Strong work ethic: who understands and possesses a willingness to work hard & work smart. 

  • Creative thinker and problem solver. 

  • Data-driven and research-oriented. 

  • Speed, flexibility, and agility

  • Good verbal and visual communication skills; listening to understand. 

  • Ability to reassess priorities and continue to focus on high-impact activities.  


  • Attractive salary.

  • Annual bonus as company's performance.

  • Experience directly from Managers, CEOs.

  • Friendly and out-going colleagues.

  • Social Insurance, Health insurance, Unemployment insurance.

  • Company trip, Team-building, Year-End Party.

  • Other policies prescribed by law.


Send your CV to: quyenntn@ghn.vn

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