[GHN EXPRESS] Internal Communication Executive - QUAN 10


[GHN EXPRESS] Internal Communication Executive - QUAN 10

1. Internal communication:

1.1. Online:

• Commute policies, changes in functions, process, regulations, etc., on internal apps, website to employees.

• Administrate internal communication channels (Facebook, company’s websites and other related websites)

1.2. Offline:

• Enhance Company Culture by building up internal events and activities to keep good connections between employees and bring up spirit for employees.

• Come up with ideas designing POSM and writing content, memos, direction

• Prepare internal communication plans, projects for the company.

• Ensure communication plan is consistent and reflects the organization’s vision.

• Measure and evaluate the effects of communication plans and estimate the expenditure as well.

• Execute steps within a certain time frame.

• Ensure employees are engaged in company initiatives.

• Coordinate with other departments to implement internal events and activities

• Edit and revise content to disseminate information to all levels

• Report and project for next years’ plan.

• Other tasks as assigned by Line Manager.

2. External communication:

• Work with communities and organizations to gain the company’s reputation


• Bachelor’s degree in Marketing/ PR or Human Resource or other related major.

• At-least-1-year experience in Internal Communication/ Employer Branding/Marketing/PR..

• Good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.

• Excel at writing content attracting people.

• Excellent organizing and time management skills.

• Proficiency use of Microsoft Office, Internet and email.

• Able to connect, encourage employees and be proactive in operation.

• Proficiency use of Microsoft Office, Internet and email.

• Passion in creativity, events, social media.


• Attractive salary.

• Annual bonus as company's performance.

• Experience directly from Managers, CEOs.

• Friendly and out-going colleagues.

• Social Insurance, Health insurance, Unemployment insurance.

• Company trip, Team-building, Year-End Party.

• Other policies prescribed by law.


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